Space Camp Safety and Quality Assurance

The well being of trainees and guests is fundamental to the Space Camp experience. Proactive safety measures, paired with continuous internal and external evaluations, promote program excellence. Safe, meaningful and memorable programs are Space Camp’s pledge.


The U.S. Space & Rocket Center is a secure campus. Security staff, video monitoring and perimeter fencing are in place 24/7. During the week, every guest must check in through security. Each visitor is required to possess a proper badge for admittance. Additionally, automatic defibrillators, fire alarms and sprinkler systems are located in buildings throughout the campus.

  • Habitats (on-site lodging)
    Trainees are assigned a room in one of the three habitats located on campus when they visit Space Camp. (Click here for more information)
  • Crew Galley
    The cafeteria and kitchen are nut-free zones. The food service staff is trained in nutrition to ensure that all dietary needs are met. Every day, special meals are prepared to accommodate children with food allergies or diet restrictions. (Click here for more information
  • Sick Bay
    RNs are on-site around the clock when week-long Space Camp is in session. (Click here for more information)


From certifying equipment to certifying staff, Space Camp maintains, modifies and grows a list of standard operating procedures to meet the high-quality standards that trainees, chaperones and other guests expect.

  • Simulators
    Every simulator technician undergoes a certification process that affirms he or she understands all safety requirements and proper operation of each simulator. Each day, the technicians at Space Camp inspect the simulators to make sure they are functioning properly and safely. Some of the simulations included are the 1/6th Gravity Chair, the Five Degrees of Freedom Chair and the Multi-Axis Trainer.
  • Water Activities
    WSI-certified lifeguards are provided at all water activities.
  • Advanced Space Academy SCUBA Experience
    Either the National Association of Underwater Instructors or the Professional Association of Diving Instructors certifies each member of the SCUBA staff at Space Camp. Before getting into the water, trainees are given instructions on safety, equipment and skills. Each trainee must pass a swimming test to dive. Only after the instructor has determined that the trainees are prepared to dive will they begin the descent. The ratio of trainees to instructors is 2:1. Certain medical conditions disqualify trainees from diving. Please refer to the health form within your account for these conditions.
    The Underwater Astronaut Trainer at Space Camp is 24-ft. deep.
  • Ropes Course
    The ropes course on the USSRC campus is certified by the Association for Challenge Course Technology under North American standards. Participants are required to wear safety equipment including helmets, gloves and harnesses. Trainees are instructed in safety protocol by camp-certified staff prior to each activity. All equipment is regularly inspected and maintained. During the high ropes elements (i.e., climbing wall or pamper pole), each trainee is belayed by at least two different lines for safety and redundancy.

Space Camp Staff

  • Management
    Space Camp operates using management teams for each program—Space Camp, Space Academy, Aviation Challenge, Space Camp Robotics, Corporate and Adult Camps and Family Camp. The management team coordinates schedules, resolves trainee issues and ensures continuous oversight and ready customer service.
  • Crew Trainers
    Each Space Camp team has an assigned crew trainer. Also known as a camp counselor, crew trainers are required to provide a college transcript evidencing a minimum of 30 hours of credit prior to hire. They must provide three professional references specifying suitability for working with children. The ratio of trainees to crew trainer will not exceed 16:1. Additionally, support staff members are present in certain activities such as missions, simulation and water activities.

    The U.S. Space & Rocket Center performs criminal background checks and drug tests on all employees.


  • Airport Pickup
    At Huntsville International Airport, a badged Space Camp representative meets trainees at the gate. The USSRC/Space Camp logo-identified bus transports passengers to the USSRC campus for check-in at this out-of-this-world camp experience.

Hurricane Risk
The U.S. Space & Rocket Center is located in Madison County, Alabama at an Elevation of 640 feet (195 meters) above sea level and 300 miles (482 KM) from the closest High Risk Coastal Hurricane Impact Zones. Due to our location we do not receive any hurricane notifications, and are not at risk of major flooding as a result of any hurricane.

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